Reviews for "Match Brandon [wsk]"

Awesome XD

10/10 for new sound in music O.o

wandschrank responds:

Thank you :)

zack peng

i sitting here drunken like a fucktard(naked) an talking with the producer and i got a stiff penis while i listen to this..............why?


I like it! :D

wandschrank responds:

Thanks! :)

how wasent this on the top 5 yet?

i cant stop lisoning to this XD

wandschrank responds:

You don't have to stop! ;D


I can't believe this song hasn't gotten any 10/10 reviews yet!

This is pretty relaxing and I can see it fitting perfectly with a puzzle background.

You did an extremely good job in writing a calm song that could be repeating endlessly without annoyance.

I like the effects, if only I knew how to add effects...

wandschrank responds:

Thank you very much, sir! :]