Reviews for "Bumble Bee"


Catchy choone or chune (cant spell) , I be singing that all day


For once in my life i want to talk to one of you people over the net. or ill probably end up stalking you.....


Get on aim!



Wow Wade, that was really....Original! You must have been like Hella bored to make that. Lol.

I thought it was funny. It creeped me out though. After about 3/4 of the way i started to hope i didn't have them in my dreams. And I looked at their necks and I could kind of see veins and AHH. Then I looked at the first ones hair and It looked like my freshman years computer class teacher, and i laughed. But yes, I hope they don't come into my dreams and like, start singing that song, o man that would be scary.

Haha, that sounded like that song that is sung byt he band that sings Im a barbie girl, in a barbie world, blah blah blah, is it? Lol, and the bumble bee in the background was a nice touch, kept me entertained. Lol, and to think I actually raised its score! I hardly see me raising scores that are this old anymore.

Thanks for making one of the more spontaneos (msp) and funny, creepy, everything movie. Maybe it will go onto my fav. list, hmmmm? See ya round wade!




i would have rated 10, but those skeletons were on for too long and they started to freak me out...so i closed it halfway....

wade told me the website

i asked wade and he told me where he got the face's for bumble bee the site is www.distefano.com cachy tune too hehehe hey little bumble bee.... keep up the good work.
Regard's Michael