Reviews for "Bumble Bee"

woah i'ld expect better from wade

Dude that stunk yet somehow it got front page... is it because u control the website... probally not...and who were those people yours and toms mom... DON"T HURT ME YOUR MOM IS VERY PRETTY

WadeFulp responds:

This was from 2001 fool. It wasn't great back then, but the quality of entries we received back then were much loewr than what we have now. I got lucky and submitted it on a day when nothing real good came in.

Kathie Lee Gifford never looked so good!

Otherwise, a below-average Flash.

This is...

Wierd...its not great, its not bad. I just think that that type of lip sync method just sucks - cant ban me from newgrounds for saying what I think. Its just not my type of flash

i will not bee able too sleep ever again lol

wy did jou have too put dead people in it but it was great i love the music

nice tune :-) lol

this should stay on the front page this is awesome :-) i'm voting #5