Reviews for "Bumble Bee"


huh?! I am very confused by this... I really hope that those arent real dead bodies ;)


where did u get the crack from? i want some of that. seriously tho it was entertaining and hilarious. wade yer awesome tho. if u were to make more, plz not long.

WTF!! This is hilarious!!

The corpses are a nice kick. I don't understand the other people who don't think it's funny. Heh heh...bumblebee.


how in the world did that get a daily feature? ah well it was pretty intesne

WadeFulp responds:

This was submitted in 2001. Way back then the quality of Flash entries was much lower and good entries were submitted to the site much less frequently. By today's standards this would have no chance at Daily Feature.


those corpse look real i might have to get me one