Reviews for "Bumble Bee"

Funny Shit

when the first skeleton poped up I nearly died, but when it started singing I jus couldnt stop laughing GJ!!

Seriously... XD

What... the... fuck?! This gave me a pretty good laugh! Where did you get those pictures!? That was gross, but funny as hell.



i like it. infact, i love it!........

the song is good, the animation was good, everything was good!
i espetialy liked the singing corpses! lol!


im sorry wade but that was just plain horrible!

WadeFulp responds:

It's okay, you simply lack the type of sense of humor required to find this funny. As you can see from the reviews, there are many people who have the type of humor to find this funny. I'm sorry you were not able to enjoy this due to your brain lacking that sense of humor.