Reviews for "Bumble Bee"

Hey thanks Wade!

Now I can get Zach back for his Prank he Freaks out easily

This is the flash that I liked.

$$$The Good$$$

-The Music in this flash is freaking awesome. I heard of this song for DDR and I beat that song. No Biggie.
-The talking dead people kinda scared the hell outta me but it was a nice edition to the flash.
-The Backgrounds, Drawings, and Animations were all good.

$$$The Bad$$$

-Might give little kids on Newgrounds bad dreams if they see the dead people.
-Repetitive Animation can get boring.
-Needs more spice to this flash.


-Overall, this flash was Great and I enjoyed watching it. Great Work Wade! Responses are gladly appreciated. :)



Good Job Wade. i like the song and the animations were funny. You should make more.

DDR music

That fact you used DDR music made me laugh

Not too bad, but...

not much too it.
+Its got some lip sync
+Music quality all right
+got background and animation
+a bit funny

-even open and shut lip sync takes some doing, but since that is the main feature of this movie, it isn't enough to really interest me.
If it had better lip sync I think it would impress me much more.
-the background animation is better than nothing but there's not much to it.
- there is an awful lot of subs which are just music videos without much going on in them and this is one of them.
Best Wishes,