Reviews for "Bumble Bee"


Although it was a bit long it was so damned funny that i'm still laughing.

Nice 1 Wade


How'd he get that song in that file size?

Made me laugh, but I was mostly surprised at how long the song was with it only being 575kb big. Or is that kinda normal?
Anyways, this is just the kind of stuff I expect from Wade.
You da man, Wade!


but dude, that was hellsa disturbing. Im a big fan of rotten.com and the such, but still, this was a bit disturbing...

Rotting dead singers! hahahahaha!

I have nightmares about things that look like that, but thanks to your song I can just sing: "bee bee bumble bee I know what you want from me..."
Nice work for 1 afternoon. Take a *real* critics review: It was good! Everything overall was good, sound, cute graphics, great style and necrophilia. What more could you want?


That was just pathetic.That movie had totally NO point!I don't see how anyone could vote it 3-5.It was SO stupid that I just didn't even finish watching that .........thing.......

WadeFulp responds:

Did I say it was supposed to have a point? There is not point! It's just insane! So where can I see some of your flash movies Mr. MovieCritic?