Reviews for "Bumble Bee"

Well Wade What Gave You This idea?

Buts It's Hilarious


this scared me... not for the zombies, though... but the song, that SONG!!! AAGGGGHHHH!!! *hangs self*

I don't get it.

explain to me how you can get away with something that obviously had little to no effort put into it and get away with it? Oh wait... You're the Co-operator of the site. Other people have put out stuff that's like this and is just as funny and obviously had no effort put into it and have had their shit blammed in minutes. Do you think if I put this out it would have made it to daily feature? No. Please, if you're going to submit something put a tad bit of fucking effort into it. Darth Vulger was okay, some of your other stuf was okay. Why make crap when it's obvious you can make something that is actually good? This could have been a lot more funny if you put more work into it.

WadeFulp responds:

Did you look at the submission date? 11/15/2001? Back then we didn't always get good Flash entries everyday, so when I submitted it I didn't have a lot of competition. Also I wasn't trying to make the best Flash ever, I was just going for humor. If you read through the reviews many people enjoyed it and found it funny. As far as no effort, I did hand draw and animate the background, and I had to animate the dead people and lip sync them to the whole track. So I would hardly call it no effort. I also don't claim to be a master at Flash, I just like to do things for fun.


funny yes but real creepy...lol still funny coz i hav a sense of humor!!yep


Those are some hotties right there fine pieces of ass that guy is all pimp'in those hoes. Well pretty good i suppose that songs on DDR too :p