Reviews for "Ultimate Round"


super fun . Le boxer tatoué est super beau ;)

eidern responds:

Oui, disons que j'ai passé du temps pour le retravailler car le modele original est quand meme super moche ;)~


Un super jeu

eidern responds:

merci Beaucoup ;)
Mais ca parle pas trop francais par ici..

Great work

THis game is extremly original and great fun. There are minor control issues but its to be expected with that style so it dosen't detract from the game that much. I think thta more content could be added to give more gameplay. It might sound like i am harping on the bad things but this is a great game that really flew under the radar. One of my fav. boxing games ive played online

eidern responds:

Thanks you very much ! :)
You're right for the critics, btw I'm gathering infos & suggest for making a better sequel in the future, so if you have any ideas sent pm.
I made this one because i havent't found any interresting boxing game out there,with counters and so..
Saddly mine don't get too much publicity :'(
Well, better things next time :)

A good time!

I've never played a boxing game controlled in that way; very original!
My only complaint is that the layout of buttons and instruction leaves a little to be desired. I sat on the attribute increase page for a minute before I figured out that I had to increase my stats to continue. Just make navigation a bit more intuitive.
Great job overall, keep it up!

eidern responds:

It took lotta time developping the game, And when you're doing things all alone you become kind of...lazy on finish touches, I have to admit :)


I enjoyed this game, would have been nice if it explained how to do things but it was good, i deem you worthy of the portal

eidern responds:

Thanx for enjoying it, but I'm not worthy yet..Wait for other projects ;)
But I don't see which things need to be explained, if u can PM