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Reviews for "Easter Extinction"

great game

Fun to play and I like how you made it so you could purchase upgrades. Only two things I noticed that need fixed.

1) when you buy the new axe blades, the appearance of the axe remains the same.
2) I couldn't fight the final boss because when I tried walking, he just remained in the same place.

Other than that it was great! 5/5

23450 responds:

Could not fight the boss? Thats unfortunate. But thanks for liking it.

Sure there are a...

couple of glitches. But every classic video game in the world has some type of glitch associated with it. Point is it's a blast to play and it looks great. That'll get a 5/5 from me any day. Thanks for your effort man.

23450 responds:

Most of the work done on this game was spent fixing glitches. There were alot. But its nice to know people can still enjoy the thing. Thanks for the review.


i hate the rabid rabbits on land 3-2 so gay i hit with hammer to early i die... but cool game still

oh u need to have an ice hammer and also make it to where you can't buy the gold hammer at start... mak it to where u need to buy the bronze then silver then gold then w/e u want. AWSOME GAME

also make a warning (like a shodow) for the falling eggs for the sky/bomb thing it keep on dieing there

23450 responds:

Im pretty sure you do have to buy them in succession. Actually i am 100% sure you have to buy the silver and bronze before the gold. And an ice hammer actually would have been a good idea...thanks for enjoying the game.

I like this!!

I enjoyed playing with the checkpoints and all, is it glitch on the boss to not be able to move?

23450 responds:

yah, that would be a glitch. Not 100% sure why it happens. Sorry about that. : (


ok needs a little more gore thats all