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Reviews for "Easter Extinction"

Front Page Material

This is excellent, nice job. The only bad thing might be the music, it can get a little annoying...


23450 responds:

I kinda enjoy the music. Oh well, thanks for the review.

Well made

I liked this, it seems like something you worked on, not something you threw together in 5 min.

23450 responds:

Working on it since November. lol. So yah, alot of work did go into it. Thanks for the review.

Amusing!!! that´s all i can say

it is simple yet fun to play with, but at least it´s not full of blood or gore like other stuff i see on newgrounds! good job, and ill never forget that you helped me with my game with the rotation formula XD!

23450 responds:

I am happy to say it actually is fun without the blood and guts. Always worry about trying to appeal to the newgrounds viewers without it. Thanks for enjoying it, and good luck with the rest of your stuff.


Sure there are a...

couple of glitches. But every classic video game in the world has some type of glitch associated with it. Point is it's a blast to play and it looks great. That'll get a 5/5 from me any day. Thanks for your effort man.

23450 responds:

Most of the work done on this game was spent fixing glitches. There were alot. But its nice to know people can still enjoy the thing. Thanks for the review.