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Reviews for "Easter Extinction"

Gimme some gore man!

Make the little squirrels fly into bloody pieces or something! It was kinda boring, but well made

23450 responds:

Borring, but well made, and you give it a 0? Terrible review. But...thanks anyway.

Not bad

It was pretty fun. Personally I would've liked if your character and the enemies moved a little faster. Needs some work, but it has potential.

23450 responds:

The gameplay gets faster as you go farther into the game. The last level has a rabid bunny that charges straight at you.

couple things to work on

this was a really good game
work on character collosin when u get too close to the bunnies

if there are too many characters on screen it really slows down and hard to play the game

what are the coins for?
other than that
keep up the good work

23450 responds:

What exacly was wrong with the collision?

And yah, to many enemys was a problem. I should have fixed it, but never got around to it.

And the coins are for buying upgrades. After beating a stage you go to the little shack and you can buy better guns and hammers. Did you not see the shacks?

Front Page Material

This is excellent, nice job. The only bad thing might be the music, it can get a little annoying...


23450 responds:

I kinda enjoy the music. Oh well, thanks for the review.


nice game, a little repetetive, and the music is annoying but, all together, ok

23450 responds:

I tryed to sway the repetitiveness by introducing a new enemy every stage. Guess it did not help much.