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Reviews for "Easter Extinction"

I enjoyed it, but there were flaws.

Good game just wish the game play had more variety. Perhaps some other weapons or at least different looking ones. Also some stats on the weapons would be nice to compare choices.

There were a few bugs in the game. In the level with the moles throwing snowballs and fast rabbits. I beat stage 2, but I guess I forgot to stop at the shop so it didn't give me a checkpoint. When I died, in stage 3, it brought me to the checkpoint before stage 2. I beat the stage 2 again and it just wouldn't let me progress after that. I tried to keep going, but I met the black screen. Also when you right click and go to play it brings you to the congrats screen at the end.

I believe you have potential at this. I recommend you don't quit.

23450 responds:

The save system was a little rushed near the end. In the last minute i decided i did not want you to "have" to go to the hut to save, so i added a system to make it so you only have to pass it. But alas, it was not properly tested before being submitted, and im pretty sure it didn't work right. Sorry about that. : (

Those rabit bunnies are bastards!

Very nice game! :)

When I saw the sign to the castle, it
made me want to continue playing,
so that was a very good thing to put
in the game, but alas, I never got
there cause a bunch of rabbits with
rabies kept getting the best of me!

This was very simple, but sometimes
thats the best way to go! I liked the
animations and the explosions!

If you die, do you always respawn with
11 coins, or is it only if you have more
than 10? I always started with 11.
What happens if you have less than 10?

23450 responds:

You should have however many coins you had when entering the hut where you buy things. Or however many you have when you pass the hut. And ya, those rabbie bunnies are buggers.

great game

Fun to play and I like how you made it so you could purchase upgrades. Only two things I noticed that need fixed.

1) when you buy the new axe blades, the appearance of the axe remains the same.
2) I couldn't fight the final boss because when I tried walking, he just remained in the same place.

Other than that it was great! 5/5

23450 responds:

Could not fight the boss? Thats unfortunate. But thanks for liking it.

Sorry but...

I'd love to give this a Five as the concepts are great and everything, however... The game freezes on me when I attempt to play at even low quality so... You need to repair the programing somehow, Sorry I can't give this a passing score

23450 responds:

8 is a passing score though...anyway, the reason for the high CPU usage was that i had alot of loops going at once, it was needed. But i have to say, your the first person i have heard having this problems. Maybe there is something wrong with your internet, because while it was not perfect for lag, it was not even close to the point of freezing. Anyway, thanks for the review.

Well made

I liked this, it seems like something you worked on, not something you threw together in 5 min.

23450 responds:

Working on it since November. lol. So yah, alot of work did go into it. Thanks for the review.