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Reviews for "Easter Extinction"


i hate the rabid rabbits on land 3-2 so gay i hit with hammer to early i die... but cool game still

oh u need to have an ice hammer and also make it to where you can't buy the gold hammer at start... mak it to where u need to buy the bronze then silver then gold then w/e u want. AWSOME GAME

also make a warning (like a shodow) for the falling eggs for the sky/bomb thing it keep on dieing there

23450 responds:

Im pretty sure you do have to buy them in succession. Actually i am 100% sure you have to buy the silver and bronze before the gold. And an ice hammer actually would have been a good idea...thanks for enjoying the game.

Sure there are a...

couple of glitches. But every classic video game in the world has some type of glitch associated with it. Point is it's a blast to play and it looks great. That'll get a 5/5 from me any day. Thanks for your effort man.

23450 responds:

Most of the work done on this game was spent fixing glitches. There were alot. But its nice to know people can still enjoy the thing. Thanks for the review.

Buggy, but fun.

It was an overall good game thus the score, but I found that a bit of it was kinda messed. Examples of this, are when I killed a bunny at the same time it hit me and the resulting whack knocked me up to the top of the screen where my character moved down in a straight line and could move sideways untill I had gotten back into the main field. Also, I died in the second stage of the second area, and when I tried it again there were no more jumpy things, which carried over to the third stage. Finally, the boss battle was a bit disapointing in that, it gave me the same amount of movement capability that I had had when I was knocked out of the allowed field of movement, which is to say, I could move down in a straight line and thats it. Amusingly enough, this did not prevent me from killing the boss, because even though I was quite stationary for the entire battle my golden snow blower gun? or whatever it was, had the range to take im down. This is however, something you may want to fix, as I doubt that all players will think to use the snow blower..gun, or that they will even bother, as it is rather anti-climactic. All in all a good game, I look forward to more, but please test them out a little better.

23450 responds:

lol. I tested this game so friggin much. And when i say "I" tested it, thats exactly what i mean. I was the only person testing. That i believe was my downfall, as far as testing goes. I needed other people to play in order to get this weird glitches out of the way. So yah, i needed better testing. The boss glitches seemed to have poped up recently, because i beat him numorouse times (over 20 times) with no glitches. I must have changed something that messed up up. But thank you for the review, its very much appreciated.

Pretty fun!

I enjoyed playing this game for a while! :D I liked the gameplay and how I had to whack those little things >:) The programming is superb. It wasn't glitchy the whole time I played. The graphics were OK, although it could have used a bit more variety. The animation, though not that much, was excellent. You pulled off greatly the concept of the game so it would be as fun as it could get. My only recommendation would have been to put more details to the background and adding a bit more interactivity to it, though the different weapons were a great idea and was executed fantastically. Overall great job!

23450 responds:

I definantly did not want anything to detailed for the game, but i'm think more variety would have helped, yes. But they looked nice later in the game none the less. Thanks for enjoying the game, means alot.

nice one

that was a pretty nice easter game. this one had some nice graphics in it, good levels... all of them, great audio from the audio portal and it was a very nice time waster.

23450 responds:

Im glad you liked it. You can thank atomic-noodle for the in game graphics, they fit very well and looked great.