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Reviews for "Easter Extinction"



ok needs a little more gore thats all

not bad

it was good but the first few levels should be a little easier and there should be more upgrades

23450 responds:

Yah, upgrades were pretty limited. Maybe a few more weapons were in order. Oh wells.

Amusing!!! that´s all i can say

it is simple yet fun to play with, but at least it´s not full of blood or gore like other stuff i see on newgrounds! good job, and ill never forget that you helped me with my game with the rotation formula XD!

23450 responds:

I am happy to say it actually is fun without the blood and guts. Always worry about trying to appeal to the newgrounds viewers without it. Thanks for enjoying it, and good luck with the rest of your stuff.

I like this!!

I enjoyed playing with the checkpoints and all, is it glitch on the boss to not be able to move?

23450 responds:

yah, that would be a glitch. Not 100% sure why it happens. Sorry about that. : (