Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

5 floating dinosaurs out of 5

This game is great and I hope it makes front page.

I got the high score

Woo i got the highest score in the game over 451100 =)

Im also the second place winner Jeff. I just decided to beat my old score and put my Newgrounds Ign...but fun game though.

Simple but fun ^^


You guys just brought back memories of a childhood worshipping Dinosaurs, and for that, I thank you.

You must spend a long time tinkering with the physics for these games.

Nicely done!

Super Mario 64 DS (and possibly New Super Mario Bros, too) has a similar kind of game using koopa shells on ice, and I've always found it quite fun. Now, with various size targets, PLUS floaty, round space-dinosaurs... clickety-clack, you're onto a winner!


i love your stuff you guys!! especially the james the zebra stuff!!