Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

Throwing Dinosaurs into space!!!

New Super Flash Brothers and unexpected game to be released!! Dim, I don't know how you can Tom come up with these ideas. Throwing Dinosaurs in space?

Anyways great game I had real fun throwing dinosaurs around the solar system...I hope God isn't too mad about destroying the solar system!

*This is probably Dim and Tom's theory about how Dinosaurs became extinct!




Well well...

Fun game you got here. I gave it a for graphics because the dinosaurs, planets, background, and explosions were pretty nice, but they leaned towards the simple side (though still good, I can't say I could do any better myself). Style, 10. I mean, c'mon. Flinging dinosaurs into space? That's...awesome. Sound, seven, because the music is repetative, but the sound of dinosaurs smacking into planets is just hilarious. Violence, 8. Heck, the dinosaurs EXPLODE. Can it get any more violent? Interactivity I originally gave a 10, but upon further inspection, all you really do is fling them out and let the game mechanics take over...so I guess an 8 would be appropriate because there's still a lot of strategy involed in throwing the dinosaur. Humor? I wish I could give it an 11. There is nothing, and I repeat - NOTHING more funny than catapulting dinosaurs into space and having them rebound off planets. Overall? 9, because I like the game.

Gratz on the amazing game my friend. Make more. xD


(score: 583,900. Hey, I get a tiny amount of bragging rights, right?)

Nice game with funny dionos and music. ^_^

Nice game. Dinosaurs looks funny, music is very nice. I wonder how people get so high score... >_< Oh, and by the way: I don't even know that Trachosaur (first one) exist :)


great game! this is one of the best games ive played on newgrounds that involve space. keep 'em coming!

BTW: i'm sorry that the Clocks faked the Double Helix name and made a Decline 4. hope you come out with more good stuff guys!