Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

hehehehheheheheheahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahah

this was fun and awesomeful!this is like that shell smash game in mario i call it kopa curling and have 47220as a hi score... anyways, that made it even more fun, and also if something is near the ozone layer (or launchie line) you can hit things and have an extra turn and i did that a lot with the t rex on my best go and he spazz'd out and got me somewhere around 70,000 points and i got to go again and got 6000 points and that is why Mr.Dude is currently in 12th place while he is writing this. kudos on another great game,guys

Wow, great in a trippy sort of way...

It was well thought, detailed, simple and apparantly glitch free. A creative and... odd game. The only odd thing (aside from the whole consept of hurling dinosaurs into space to hit the other planets and stellar debris like an oversized que ball in a game of billiards is that space is a vacume and has no air to create friction, so why does anything even come to a stop at all? Fun game anyway, always enjoy a SFBS production.



One of the reasons why dinosaurs are exstinct.

Who would have thought that throwing dinosaurs at planetoids would be so fun and addictive?!!!XD

GREAT GAME hurry up w/ declne 4 super flash bros.

this game was excelllent if your reading this super flash bros. hurry up with decline four so we can resume to laugh in hilarity