Reviews for "Solarsaurs"


lol, very funny game,, the graphics were well done and the sounds amazing,, little repeditive but still good.
4 violence coz well, they blow up lol

Nice game with funny dionos and music. ^_^

Nice game. Dinosaurs looks funny, music is very nice. I wonder how people get so high score... >_< Oh, and by the way: I don't even know that Trachosaur (first one) exist :)

great idea but...

i woul now make a game from the other side your the universe and the earth is hurling dinosaurs at you whatdo you do fling planets at them to stop em and fix the glitch

rofl mi woffles

at first i was like wtf, is this really made by ?

But now I know it was you guys, who else would think of throwing dinosaurs into space and racking points by bouncing them around with other planets?

I find it kinda funny.

I did'nt like it either.

Your ideas are usually good, If this was faster, Better physics allowing the ability to throw the dinosaurs/balls at high speeds it would be funner, And i also think the music was a bad choice.