Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

Wow, great in a trippy sort of way...

It was well thought, detailed, simple and apparantly glitch free. A creative and... odd game. The only odd thing (aside from the whole consept of hurling dinosaurs into space to hit the other planets and stellar debris like an oversized que ball in a game of billiards is that space is a vacume and has no air to create friction, so why does anything even come to a stop at all? Fun game anyway, always enjoy a SFBS production.

So That Why they Are Extcinct

A giant hand from space threw them into planets and killed off all the dinosaurs....... Oh well great game loved the music it was funny in a retro way and is a good example of why I come to Newgrounds.

very cute

i love the sound the planets make when they collide
great game, must be the real reason they became extinct


Even though I stink at it, I have to keep playing! Maybe it's the music...

This made me laugh!

I like it!! The music just added to the humorous idea of the game. Probably one of THE BEST games from the super flash brothers following Brs Climate Chaos. I just love the way the dinos flail about in mid air, I mean, space. Keep it up Flash Brothers, I await your next game!