Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

Damm cheaters

Its a good game and the music is definatly a plus but it does get boring unusualy quick.
I think thats because it is impossable to get a high score because of those Fu***** cheaters that hack the game to get over 9 million

The music...

The music sells it...its addictive to listen to especially with the cute little clacks of the dinosaurs and the planets as accompaniment. Love it.

Nice and fun game

Although its not my kind of ride,I like it.Simple and fun with a bit twisted humor.Played it a bit,maybe I'll try again later:) (any idea how to make seriouse combo without making dino pass planets at higher speed?O_o)

Nice Game

Reminds me of my favorite minigame from MarioDS, and it's Freakin awesome!!! i'm glad somebody recreated it and i can play it on NG! thanx!!


That was... interesting

like your style
but the game was fun at the first 0.000000000000000000003 seconds but the it got boring...

But nice game by the way