Reviews for "Solarsaurs"


Lame game were is no plot ? just plants and dinisours......


great game! this is one of the best games ive played on newgrounds that involve space. keep 'em coming!

BTW: i'm sorry that the Clocks faked the Double Helix name and made a Decline 4. hope you come out with more good stuff guys!

pretty good

entertaining for the moast part , good game if ur bored and need to keep busy for short while , overall its a pretty fun game almoast like bowling without the gutter good work

cool one

that was an alright game. it was fun, though the audio got a little annoying after awhile and it was a little bit repetitive as well. your efforts sure were nice though and glad to see it get onto the NG front page and win an award too.

Was fun

Its been done before but now its been done better

And for those who say ppl cheat to get high scores there a glitch that u can drop the dinos at the lines and slowly drag the others so they keep chaining (some one else had a better description but i did find out on my own.