Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

Throwing Dinosaurs into space!!!

New Super Flash Brothers and unexpected game to be released!! Dim, I don't know how you can Tom come up with these ideas. Throwing Dinosaurs in space?

Anyways great game I had real fun throwing dinosaurs around the solar system...I hope God isn't too mad about destroying the solar system!

*This is probably Dim and Tom's theory about how Dinosaurs became extinct!

Nice game.

This is pretty addicting. It reminds me of this mini-game in Super Mario 64 DS, where you use a stylus to hit a shell into a group of shells to rack up points. I'm glad you decided to make such a similar game; I liked playing that mini-game.

Anyway, the graphics were pretty nice, and the dinosaurs and planets contrasted well with everything else. I also thought your coding was pretty impressive as well (it's pretty hard hitTesting irregular shapes and circles). There was a small glitch though. If a dinosaur was coasting along and went slightly into the boundaries, it would rotate around in circles. This isn't major, though, as a gentle nudge would move it out and stop the excessive spinning. I'm only reporting this because it happened about three times in the total of four games that I played.

In short, Solarsaurs is a good time-waster that is eyecatching, and fun to play. The music was also pretty catchy as well (hats off to Bad-Atom). Well done. Now when can we see a new Blue Rabbit game? ;)

It's funny

Well... the graphics are good, i like the music,... i spend like 30 minutes trying to do a good record but i'm not really good...
It's really a good game, short but good.


This is a decent game, good time waster. You did a pretty good job on it, however there is a minigame on the DS version of Super Mario 64 which is almost exactly like this, but with different graphics and you use your finger/stylus instead of a mouse. Even the music in this is similar. If the DS minigame was a flash game, I would flag this because it's like you just used a SWF decompiler to switch out the graphics and slapped your logo on it. But I'm sure you worked hard on this yourself and it's nice to be able to play it on my computer instead of a tiny DS screen.

nice game!

this is a very interesting game! I can't say that I have seen many games like this when you do the "flinging" of something. very unique! also the graphics aren't bad, I think the dino planet looking things are kinda funny. the background music is kinda dull, but otherwise an all around good game, hope it goes well!