Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

Nicely done!

Super Mario 64 DS (and possibly New Super Mario Bros, too) has a similar kind of game using koopa shells on ice, and I've always found it quite fun. Now, with various size targets, PLUS floaty, round space-dinosaurs... clickety-clack, you're onto a winner!


You guys just brought back memories of a childhood worshipping Dinosaurs, and for that, I thank you.

You must spend a long time tinkering with the physics for these games.


Very entertaining mini game. Reminds me of the mini game in the Mario game for the DS (you know the shell one) even the sounds seem the same. well done.

Nice little minigame

My only suggestion is to maybe reduce the friction a little, stuff slows down a bit too quickly.

fo shizzle

this game is very nice and highly addicting!
it runs perfectly smooth on my machine,
sounds great, plays great and the highscore submission motivates for playing another round... and another... and another!
thumbs up!