Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

Weird concept.

Fun time waster. Music made my brain melt and my ears bleed.

A nice & inventive idea!

This is definately what i would call a time waster =) but it is still fun at the same time, where was the dinosaur with the huge nek? hewould of done some good =)
would u be able to also check out my song 'The Euro Gate' in the audio portal?


Very well made, lots of replay value.

I can't help but froth for more with what little you have to offer in this game, I think it could have gone a lot better if the whole planets coliding system was a bit more interactive. It feels like something is missing...


i hurled a triceratops against a stegosaurus and somehow i blew up the triceratops


I really liked it. Hurling dinosaurs into space gives you an automatic 5.