Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

fun but could'nt be funner

well its was a fun game ! with all the planets and dinosaurs moving like a pool game ! but it coulden't be better !
if you ad some more options in the game or something
it was fun for one time but not to play always.
but good work anyway !


Well well...

Fun game you got here. I gave it a for graphics because the dinosaurs, planets, background, and explosions were pretty nice, but they leaned towards the simple side (though still good, I can't say I could do any better myself). Style, 10. I mean, c'mon. Flinging dinosaurs into space? That's...awesome. Sound, seven, because the music is repetative, but the sound of dinosaurs smacking into planets is just hilarious. Violence, 8. Heck, the dinosaurs EXPLODE. Can it get any more violent? Interactivity I originally gave a 10, but upon further inspection, all you really do is fling them out and let the game mechanics take over...so I guess an 8 would be appropriate because there's still a lot of strategy involed in throwing the dinosaur. Humor? I wish I could give it an 11. There is nothing, and I repeat - NOTHING more funny than catapulting dinosaurs into space and having them rebound off planets. Overall? 9, because I like the game.

Gratz on the amazing game my friend. Make more. xD


(score: 583,900. Hey, I get a tiny amount of bragging rights, right?)


The poor things die if I fling them too hard into each other or the planets! I was wondering what those "poofs" were!

Sad! BUt it's a fun game! I've been giggling ever since I"ve started playing it. But I think that's partly because I'm tired lol. But the dinosarus are SOOOOO CUTE!

The scores board is making me very competitive though lol

O.o Ok...

ok... i only have one thing to say...

I LOVE YOU MAN!!! THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!This is the meaning of life...well at least mine.

Tards shall rule the world!!!!

Hurl games make me Hurl

This is the Best Hurl game but... I CAN'T STAND THESE GAMES... good work though it was fun... I guess... well for a hurl game