Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

What has happened to Newgrounds?

Seriously, if this is the stuff that Newgrounds has stooped to putting on the front page, then they REALLY need to step up. I remeber back in the good old days when their stuff didn't suck so bad. Some stuff is still pretty damn good and Im not dissing Newgrounds or its friends but still, this is my opinion and Im putting it out there. By the way, the game was mediocre. I agree with the guy before me, it was pretty pointless.

and agan

you have made such a pointless game once again.however it is one of the pojntless games that is so pointless ikts great :D keep it up guys
P.S still can beat james the ..... zebra :D

Boundry Glitch

Fun game for a few trys but it dies down slow... maby if there was something like X ammts of points gave you an extra life in the form of a different dino.

As I played I kept wondering how people got scores of 500k+ figured it was something with the physics involving the "fling line"/walls and the large and small planets. However I found out that if you take the first dino drag it outside the game window but make it so that you can just see him wriggling around then pull him past the fling line he'll get stuck spinning near the top of the side... repeat with 2nd dino and he gets stuck more near the bottom... then with 3rd dino do the same but every time it goes to bounce up it will hit the 2nd dino and pop right back into the starting point giving 1000 points.

Takes a few trys to get the 2 dinos stuck then every turn is a coupal seconds to make sure you don't smack the 3rd dino into the 2nd too hard... set up a simple mouse movemt macro come back ( i ended up going to sleep and waking up from the lpatop glow) 4 hours later and you have 1mil + score

<3 flinding game glitches <3



I would have preferred having more control over the power with which I could launch the dinosaurs, but it was five minutes of fun I guess.


You got this idea from the minigame on Super Mario 64 DS.....Right?