Reviews for "Solarsaurs"

Listen I really like your works and all

But what was that?! this game is boring , as you can play this game once or twice before closing it. come on I expected more from you.

Decent idea..

Was entertaining for a few minutes, but it loses alot of value because its so easy to glitch it for really high scores. Repetition is bad after only a few minutes, would have really helped if you added new features to make it more interesting, or atleast changed the backgrounds everytime you replay it.

It's saving grace would be the score board i suppose, give it some minor competitive feel to it, and give you a reason to replay it more, but with the glitch it makes the score board moot. The best thing about this game i thought were the graphics, but they aren't anything really awe inspiring either. Overall its mediocre, and the glitch really takes away an reason to replay it more than a few times.

Still could be made into a good game, but it needs alot more to it, start with fixing the glitch and wiping the score board then go from there.

Totally Wow Awesomdy!1

This game is great, the music is what really sets it off.......Old School, Baby!1!!!one!!!1

Its ok but only ok

This was a average game nothing bad or good but it didn't even come close to deserving the front page.

Hey look, I can defend flash again.

Alright, too many people (2 is too many) have complained about this game being pointless. Obviously they don't remember all the old school games like Break Away or Frogger - Like those games, Solarsaurs isn't supposed to have a plot - Its just trying to get a good score. ANd in any case, its an excellent and unique concept, if a bit 1 dimensional. None the less, well executed.
My only suggestions would be that you work on physics some, and put in power ups - Possibly ones that give you more turns, or bombs in the middle of the astro-field.