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Reviews for "My GOD, Robots! Episode10"

Girls Have Coodies!!!

yeah im still laughing! i wish this was a T.V. Cartoon i would watch it...when i could. but yeah effing funny! great job.


About 20 seconds into the episode, i completely forgot I was watching a Flash cartoon, because its so smooth. I mean... it looks completely professional! I love the style and the story is hilarious.

But like most people review on your series, the only drawback is that its hard to hear the characters voices. But other than that, its perfect!


I loved the fight seen and explantion of how joson

I loved the fight seen and explantion of how joson got there

So random and i could hear what the people were saying i ussally cant

thanks for fixing that

hey dude, whens episode 11 coming?

i saw part of it on deviantart...... but WE ALL WANT IT HERE!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Season One!

I really liked this season. I am also glad you finished it out\, I have seen a few with no endings. I know it has been a few years but I do hope that you do season 2.