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Reviews for "My GOD, Robots! Episode10"

I loved the fight seen and explantion of how joson

I loved the fight seen and explantion of how joson got there

So random and i could hear what the people were saying i ussally cant

thanks for fixing that

Ending the Season on a good note.

Good work overall, all of the Season 1 episodes were good.(in some way i cant figure out yet) I"m looking forward to season 2 (what else can i look forward too?) keep up the good work.

the improvements

2.Scene select
3.replay button (unless you enjoy watching absulute nothingness)


How do you do this? How do you frickin clean up your tablet drawn art? And then color it all, frame by frame.... and the music, who made it? Seriously is this guy a friend of yours? AWESOME music... Absolute genius. Wacky as hell. Way way awesome... hmmm did I miss something? Oh, it looks so much better now that you have your tablet.. congrats!

Nice Flash

Good series, but I think you should work a little more on the characters designs, Jasons hair is too big and his body is too skinny.