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Reviews for "My GOD, Robots! Episode10"


this was good. i love the aquabats reference. i didn't even catch it the first time. You get a 10

it looks good and all

but it is nearly impossible to follow, and its a tad bit cheesy for me.


Dont let this one slide out of memory, you have to start making more man, this is really great and the animation gets better and better! I count this as one of my favorite TV shows and not just on Newgrounds, favorite show EVER!

It had flaws

The thing about these episodes is that they have great animation, but lack in storytelling and delivery. The voices were somewhat awkward at times throughout the whole series, and a great deal of the jokes were well thought but had poor delivery. I understand that you were going for an over exaggerated cartoon style, but it would look better if there weren't so many sudden stops when the characters make an action - it's awkward. The series exhibits a great deal of animation skill, but had a tendency to get awkward at times. The great thing about doing this, however, is that it gave you some good practice for building your skills. Best episode, good series that could use a little improvement. Good work and keep it up (your newer version of ep.1 showed amazing improvement btw).

Great, as expected

Great animaion, great series; I love your work and I'm not trying to be a prat or anything but WHERE IS THE NEXT SEASON, HUH? this is by far (for me) the best series on newgrounds and I NEED MORE!