Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 18"

I'm going to be honest

I watched it twice, and I'm a bit disappointed. I didn't even chuckle, not once. Maybe my sense of humor is changing, or the premise is getting old, heck Dave it is the 18th one. The Halloween one was great. Judged against most of the stuff that comes thru the portal, well it's still good.

Not the greatest ever done.

I still prefer the 3rd one but its a fairly funny movie so check it out or else.

good job

this is funny i starting to like RAB great job

good but could be better

Its just too random for me and I usually love randomness. Also I found a glitch with the easter egg. After you click the egg and you return to the movie the subtitles start from the beginning again.

It was alright

RAB is getting slightly old although after a while its just kind of idk....RAB and not really origional. I thought this flash was a little funny but i only truly enjoyed RAB up to about the 3rd one. You may have heard this but try making some other types of flashes because you have great potential.