Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 18"

OMG!!! loved it!

OMG i love the RAB there soooo funny iv seen all of them and so far. I think this is in the top 5. but over all loved it.

Thank you

Its back yay. This was great. Really funny.

not so good as the other 15

i think this one is not so super it was a lil boring but so far so good it was not bad keep em still comin hurry with the next one the w8ting for this one was to long:P

Did he just say "sexplore?"


RAB has attained retarded godhood.

hopefully it stays that way, too!


Oh damn it was so good...so good...I would give 20 to humor rating but cant, but damn you rock and i wanna get some more of RAB's! Ham salad, is for lunch!