Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 18"

Did he just say "sexplore"?

Man, I know drugs are bad for ya (I used to smoke weed), but Puppy probably did just about every drug known to man (and maybe a few known to monkeys.... wait, what the hell do monkeys have to do with this?). You've done it again, Dave. I'll be looking forward to you next RAB episode. 5/5 :D:D

This made my day.

RAB has always been one of my favorate collections, but I never figured it could get this funny. Here are my reviews:

Graphics: 10
Pretty well-made for flash.

Style: 10
It's 'RAB'....

Sound: 10
I don't really mind sound, but it wasn't crappy

Violence: 3
Not too much violence on the 18th episode, just a puppy on crack and a tentacle being betentacled.

Interactivity: 2
This gets 2 points for the 'PLAY' button, The button at the RAB logo, and the X. =p

Humor: 10
Need I say why?


Legend mate.

You are the greatest man I have watched all of your flash stuff man. Rab is just the greatest though with the animals and dope and sex and drink lol your a joker. Love you man.

love it!

Retarded animal babies never ceases to amuse me, great job on another random episode

Awsomeness is expalined here...

Hehe been watching every single one of these, and it cracks me up all the time.

Wat made me laugh a heckova lot was when hes said "It is my duty to 'sexplore' all holes." muhahah it was hilarious.