Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 18"


funny stuff,very funny!i like what you did after puppy did a bunch of drugs.keep it up! happy 420 everybody even though it passed already.

Hilarious with violence!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah that's definetely good animation hope I see more of that D........ Anyways the clip had so many good elements.... But I wouldn't give it a 10 sorry though........ But the drunken guy was real funny pretty hilarious. Oh and I liked the thing with the guy saying that job sit sucks hehehehe.....

fucking hilarious!

goddamn! I'we been loving RAB since their first episode! Dave is the most funniest, sickest(meaning of good) and putrid man of 21st century!!! keep on the "good" work!


OMG! I just loved this one! That part where puppy fu*ked Sean Connery, OMFG! I just fell from my chair and lolled!

alright but dulll

as i have watched all of your videos i am starting to think that your losing your touch your loosing a bit of humor :( but try and think of real violence or something get back to the way you were ages a go