Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 18"

Fucking awsome man! RAB FOREVER!!

This shit is sooo fuckin funny man! i love it! I just go the dvd last tuesday! Its sooo good I downloaded it to my psp! I just did a report on sean connery too! Keep up the good work and this could be a movie! This deserves an emmy and an oscar! you should make the next episode about the animals joining the army and go to iraq! hehe puppy BANGS osama and a camel !


did u really get sean connery to do the voice? :)


The greatest series on NG

This might be the best RAB episode so far

It's incredible but you have managed to top all the other RAB episodes with this one imo. The artwork was a bit better then the last ones but above all, the humor was superb! This is the first RAB episode in the top 50 list, and this is also the first episode to releally deserve that position :) I can't wait for the next one :)

You've done it again!

yay! These just keep getting better! Keep it up Dave, you simply have the power to save any bored, bummed out evening.