Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 18"


AWESOME SHIT! loved it all, good work


Funny and amazing shit, per usual. What is so astonishing to me is how you managed to complete this in a little over a week. All the drug sequences must have been hard as hell, but you did a great job. Can't wait for episode 19!


(while riding a seatless bmx bike down a mountain of cantalopes)
and getin some angina
and puppy are ka fuckied now
and i think its puppy cuz he got weird teeth and stuff
puppy lupka will sexplore lolzorz

i found the character flaw... I think

w/e i already emailed ya i hope i'm right.

That was hilarious moreso than most of the newer episodes. Hope you keep this series headed in the direction that this episode went!


Finally, a new RAB. It was good, better plot then the others. Sort of better animation, good humour.... Another success!