Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 18"


You're still good at this as your movies are always recommend to watch.

Awesome... Simply Awesome.

The funniest one yet. I laughed my ass off throughout the entire thing. Be proud duder, this is an amazingly well done flash.

I'm going to be honest

I watched it twice, and I'm a bit disappointed. I didn't even chuckle, not once. Maybe my sense of humor is changing, or the premise is getting old, heck Dave it is the 18th one. The Halloween one was great. Judged against most of the stuff that comes thru the portal, well it's still good.

I giggled

I giggled throughout the entire ordeal.

Very nice, effort was placed in many portions, but some of your things are incredibly disturbing... And I mean, REALLY disturbing...

That, in my opinion is all that needs improvement.

Very good flash, 5 fo' jou!!!


Gotta love this series. Thanks Dave. This rocked.