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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 18"


lmfao wtf dat was bugd da fuk out............

dude lmfao ondf

i want to get high like that lets do some mutha fuckin drugzzzzzzzz im a stoner dude

What'a trip..........LOL....!

.......Shone Connery???


i just about died from lack of air

Lay down all your flarns!

Well this was a...trippy episodes. Some of the things Puppy said like "I am the Puppa Lupka, you are two-ton Toonga Loonga. Me kill you a lot now." or "I am the Toonga Loonga, lay down all your flarns." How do you come up with that?

Also Puppy's dad is Shaun Connery? I would have never guessed, but it would make sense. He did face-rape him didn't he?