Reviews for "Optimus prime v.s. RX-78"

its was ok

loved when optimus turned into a truck and ran the gundam over but the quality wasn't that good

Hell No

My ranting bastard side has reawakened thanks to this POS, and I am as pissed as ever. There is no possible way that Amuro and the RX-78-2 could lose to Optimus Prime. That son of a bitch should barely even be able to scratch the paint job. Give the Gundam back it's beam rifle, work on the animation, and watch some goddamn MSG!!


The main problem is that instead of having play and replay buttons, the flash repeats itself with the ending-song. I know that making Flash movies can be hard, but I still think you could've a play and replay button.

Cool idea, though.

not bad

it was pretty cool the plasma looked 3D so thats cool make more.

PS: haingi, Optimus could beat that RX-78 thing any day of the week.

WOOO! FF8 battle music!

I gave this 10 for the fact it has the Final Fantasy VIII battle music!