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Reviews for "Khuskan: Outside (Absolut Fin)"


I can't think of anymore words that express this epicness! Would go good with any credits with any movie. The only thing I didn't like was the the voice @_@.


wonderful music


This was good but to me it sounded a little repetative. That might be just me though. I did like this I just thought it was a little to long since it sounded the way it did. if it was 50 to 75 seconds shorter then I would have rated it a little higher.

fantasy tune a past life

this song kind of remind me of my past.
this nocturnal tune purely sound so surrounds untill
it can bring fantasy into life.

The piano parts sound so nice that u can make a 3d game with this song it can bring the surrounding places to life virtual reality game I.D.K Looking forward
and the glassy part on 1:22~1:50 sound nice too



Absolutely amazing. So chill. I'm just sitting in my hotel room before my meeting and enjoying this so much.