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Reviews for "Khuskan: Outside (Absolut Fin)"

.................... (cry)

I've listened to all of your Outside music.
Safe to say that I'm a fan of your work. I like the first or third version and this around the same. I've thought about this while I listened. The lyrics in this song describe myself. I don't really talk.

Anyhow, I know that you said that this is the "Absolute Fin" but I hope that you continue to make something like this. A softer feel to it but don't falter from this style. It's beautiful and edgey. It's like you can sit in your room and wonder about your past. Like you can actually tear up to it.

I hope you continue to make awesome, spirited, and beautiful music like this.

Oh man...

Simply the best. The beat is smooth and relaxing ^ ^
The name "Outside" fits exellent with the music.
Hope to listen for more of these kind of musics *thumbs up*.

so freakin epic best music ever

its so futuristic this will be cherished forever until death ;D

Love it!

It feels classical and then goes to somewhat of a......not so hardcore techno, but a techno with excellent beats and epic music. NICE JOB! I'm taking mp3 file. YES!

Damn man...

Freakin' awesome. Its the best song Ive heard on Newgrounds! Gnarly!!!!