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Reviews for "Khuskan: Outside (Absolut Fin)"

I'd say...

The overall audio track was well made, but the vocals should be removed. Some people have agreede on this, so maybe you could make a version without them? Still pretty great, with or without the vocals.

Damnit Youre So Awesome!

You Inspire Me making music... BUT I SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome Song


The beat is amazing, but the lyrics just messed it all up. If you have it, can you send me the instrumentals only? The reason the voice messes the song up is simply because it sounds like a broken toy story robot. seriously man, sounds like a guy with a smoking problem and uses a device so he can talk. If it wern't for the instrumentals this song would make me shit bricks. Please send me the instrumentals =/


its a simple piece but its nic. i can listen to this just about everyday

Simply Amazing

Everything was so incredible about this song from the piano to the beats. The only thing I didn't enjoy as much was the vocals (maybe it's just me). Well anyways great song, keep up the good work!