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Reviews for "Khuskan: Outside (Absolut Fin)"


Je ne crois j'ai trouvé cette pièce seulement aujourd'hui, je crois que j'ai trouvé vraiment elle, la pièce parfaite !

really though

its too bad a lot of the music on newgrounds cant be herd on the radio im good even if there are no word the creativity of many users who make music is brilliant p.s. great song is on my favs

beautifully done my friend beautifully done

peaceful and electronic my fav mix :D

well done you've earned my 5/5 and 10/10


Love this song so much, downloaded and have it on my iTouch. This brings back memories from 2005 with me and friends.

Keep it up!


its very peacfull at the start ^_^ but later in it gets alot more techno :D