Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

I love it!

pretty simple...A walkthough
2 those who r stuck.

buy those house that r very cheap(made sure u buy the house at least $50 lowerthan the list price.if possibe , make it $1000)
start the rent with $50 then increase $100 every 10 months
sell your house higher than the estimated value
increase the game speed to fast

I hope this helps (my spelling sucks)

Still getting the hang of it ^^

I love this game. It proves to be a challenge, which I enjoy. The graphics (houses) need some work, if your interested I could draw up some for. Just let me know.


I could only reach 1 million.

scamming is fun!

ah yes scamming people out of munny and spending it to make more, such fun... there's nothing that i can find to criticise here so to you 'Adam Dunn (charles5)' 5/5 kudos

Make a fun mode, where theres no end =)

Game was great if it didnt have a cap end, =D