Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

Nice one.

Not as "action packed" as 'mansion impossible', but it does stimulate the mind more than the reflexes.


It's a good game, but my only problem is that I can't seem to get enough money. It may just be me, (in fact it probably is), but I think it's kinda hard. But a very good game, from what I understood, nonetheless.

obviously not a renters market

it was good but i tried renting and got wiped off the face fo the market im depressed now.


A lot more needed to be done. I was expecting more of a mansion impossible (great game.) THe game is also way too hard.

where can i buy it and how much?

A 8 / 10. kept comming back for more. It is that good. i play it like every couple of days because it is that good. just needs some work. Becarefull on how much you charge your renters they could leave if you go to high. Try to stay under $400 a month.