Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

A fun game!

I liked crackin' out on this one, but it is quite easy once you get the ball rolling. A few things; the skill pop-up gets quite annoying once you have already maxed out. Which in the challenging mode happened only a decade or so in, there is a bug in the saving somehow, at one point I was able to buy a mansion and retain the money I spent on it when reentering from continue. The losing of the game when running into debt kinda sucked because I was doing real well but spent too much money on repairs. It seems silly that a multiple home owner would give up because he or she is 20 dollars short. The random events like the earthquakes are okay, but it would be nice to have a beneficial random event.
Overall I like the gam. It could use some fleshing out to make it more fun.

good one.

crunk fo sizzle!

Dis is crunk fo sizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I rather enjoyed this game although I do have a few suggestions. Throw some new gameplay, the game is fun but it gets boring. Perhaps upgrades for the houses, to raise the property value, I got so irritated buying a house and fixing it up only for it to be worth 15 k more than I bought it for.

Nice one.

Not as "action packed" as 'mansion impossible', but it does stimulate the mind more than the reflexes.

where can i buy it and how much?

A 8 / 10. kept comming back for more. It is that good. i play it like every couple of days because it is that good. just needs some work. Becarefull on how much you charge your renters they could leave if you go to high. Try to stay under $400 a month.