Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

Not REAL estate mogule

It needs more action and upgrades, and
needs more houses

too confusing

i've never played a real estate game before and i found that i was too frustrated after trying to work out yours that i don't particularly want to again.
if you'd put in a tutorial or tips on how to make money, i'd probably give this game a much higher score.

I could only haggle 10 eith all points negotiation

I just found the game boring, not much to do. You buy a house for the asking price (real exciting) then you fix it then rent or sell it, no story, no action, no fun

Doesn't add up

If I have $50K cash and sell a house for $50K I will then have a total of about $60K. Where did the extra go? Taxes? Repairs? Doesn't add up and don't see any reason to continue playing longer than 5 minutes.

While the game had potential as a strategic concept, the tactical execution is horrible. I'm even being nice saying that. First, tornadoes and earthquakes are protected by insurance. You made less than any allotment for appreciation. Any rental property that deteriorated that quickly would have the renters in court or a visit from Lefty and the crew with a baseball bat. Options for skill improvement must have been guessed up over a dart board. AND THIS IS on easy. Fix the game or remove it.