Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

not bad

not bad
but it is to hard
next time put a tutorial in it

Good Game But It Could Be Better

Hey man, awesome game, i see exactly what you were trying to do gamewise. it was kind of like the sims in a way. lol. but i think the thing that would have kept me interested in the game is if you maybe gave more time. cuz theres no way to raise your skills and rent out a house aswell and make 1.5 million. i could never get past $200,000. i guess it could be that i just suck. but i think it should last for about 100 years or every you should start out with more money and the skill thing should show up more than just every year. but other than that. great game bro. keep it up plz.


Hey there.

You might considder following: when I put the game on Fast and I need to upgrade my skills it resets to pause or medium. Can you make it so that it stays on the selected speed?

It's Alright

It seems impossible to get started even in easy but I just put all my points in handiness to start and bought houses, repaired them and sold them right away, it was working slowly but after awhile I was turning a profit.

Decent game once you get going.

A bit of reality.

My dad is the biggest real estate agent in Southeastern Oklahoma and I've basicaly grown up in his office, anyway just wanted to get a little background before I tell you this. It is VERY rare to find property with a house that sells under $160,000. And houses here are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the country. Though I'd just give you a bit of insight.