Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"


wow!! this game is actually pretty dang cool. Its really hard to get enough money, but thats how it is in real life too. overall Its a good game. I think for beginers or younger people you should make an eisyer version. you are a good game desiner. keep at it!!!:)


how the hell do you get more then 1 mil in 50 years. i only just got 80000

Needs improvement

It's good, but it needs some extra elements to spice up the experience. Sound effects/soundtrack would be more than welcome, more upgrades available, more gaming instead of waiting for an offer, more accurate ways of improving the house as it is ( paint it, tend the garden, renovate, redecorate, etc ).


good but really hard

not bad

not bad
but it is to hard
next time put a tutorial in it